Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Third time's the charm, so Vonn Kaleb's nursery had a makeover yet again... for the third time.  The playpen that I had set up for him? He played in it for a few days and then after that, I noticed that he got bored and would like to spend time playing outside too.

More floor space outside the playpen
I used four play yard panels to barricade the TV
 I now have a very curious explorer. Vonn Kaleb's horizon is getting bigger and wider, and he is learning each day that the world is his oyster. His first conquest? Our sweet abode.  He loves to wander all over the house -- and when he wanders, he carries a bunch of toys and whatnots with him. Oh dear!

So yeah, that's the story of our life since Vonn Kaleb started walking and running (and throwing, dropping and kicking his toys everywhere, and opening and closing cabinets, and pretty much on a mission to desolate our house every day).  It is sooo exhausting to keep up with this energetic boy but no matter how hard it gets, Vince and I are always simply thankful to God for blessing us with a very active, healthy and physically able child whom we truly love to bits!


  1. I can just imagine the "mess" inside your house Teh but gay ang sabi mo, pasalamat pa din kasi nga healthy at able si Vonn Kaleb. That's what we call the "normal" day Teh. Yung laging makalat and the house is turned upside down. Hahaha.

    Madali kasi talagang magsawa sa mga bagay bagay ang mga bata. Maganda ang idea namay makeover ang playpen para bago na naman sa paningin ng gwapa at malikot na si Vonn.

    Enjoy the exoerience na lang Teh kasi nga minsan lang sila bata. Hugs!

  2. ahaha!!! buti bahay mo lang makalat, he he..ako pati opisina.. toink!

  3. Oks lang yan Teh! He gives perfect joy and fulfilment to your journey as parents. You have more likely expected that. LOL!

    Ang suerte ni VK with having that huge nursery room. For sure, he will get the most out of his childhood having you as his loving and doting parents.


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