Monday, March 3, 2014


The play yard that I bought for Vonn Kaleb turned out to be a big hit (at least for me). After setting up the first set, I knew right away that my active boy would need a bigger play area, hence, I bought a second set. I also knew that a bigger play area meant that we have to rearrange his nursery and put away some of his toys particularly the big ones like the Activity Center/Exersaucer (which he doesn't play with anymore anyway). Good thing is that our home has big bedrooms so space wasn't much of an issue.

When I initially set up all two play yard sets (16 panels), this is what I came up with:

My plan was to put a small table by the small window and set up my laptop there and use that as my work area. That way, I'm inside the play yard with Vonn Kaleb, and he wouldn't feel neglected or deserted, as this boy likes constant attention and reassurance. Well, Vince and I tried that last night and we found that to be not ergonomic (rather back straining) for me. My very much supportive husband took upon himself to move my computer desk from our room to the nursery and helped me set up my work station and Vonn Kaleb's fort (that's what we call his play yard now... hehe!)

So this is how the nursery looks like now:

Notice that instead of 16 panels, we only used 14 to create Vonn Kaleb's fort. The room is big enough to accommodate all 16 panels but it got too cramped when we did that. Vince wanted to make sure that we have a good space to walk within the room, especially at night when it's dark with all lights off that we might trip and fall because of the fort (and Vonn Kaleb's growing toy mine!)

My ever loyal computer desk. If I remember it right, I got this for only $35 in 2006. After eight years and six moves within Canada to US and within, it's still holding up and serving me. What a great buy!
I use two computers when I work. Since this side of the room was not hooked for modem connection, I retired my ancient HP desktop (Windows XP circa 2005 - does anybody still use that?) and I'm using Vince's laptop for my second computer.

From a different angle. We had to move the diaper pail over beside the TV to make room for Vonn Kaleb's fort.
In one of the captions above, I mentioned of Vonn Kaleb's toy mine -- you know, bunch of toys that when you step on them, you set them off (pretty much like a real mine), they make noises and they hurt you too. He has soooo much toys! Honestly, his toys overwhelm me. To think, we only bought him three to four toys at the most. How did he accumulate so much toys in this short time? Maybe it's just me who's over reacting but when I was a kid growing up, toys were one of the luxuries my frugal mom would not afford for her children to have. She thought they were a waste of money. She would rather buy us clothes and food than toys. Makes sense, right? So now that I'm a mom myself, I appreciate that a lot of people have been showering my son with love and giving him toys of all sorts and that he gets to experience one of the things I never experienced, but one thing for sure, Vince and I are determined not to spoil him rotten with toys and gadgets and stuff. He will have some and he's definitely not going to be deprived but he is going to have to learn and appreciate the value of things. To that, Vince and I bought him two toy hampers to keep his toys organized and his room clutter less, and also to spare us the ouch from stepping on them.

Vonn Kaleb's small toys will easily fill up these two hampers!
So that's the new look of Vonn Kaleb's nursery. I can't end this post without expressing my big THANK YOU to my husband who was very supportive of my decision of going back to work. He knows how stressful my job could get, and working and caring for our son might become too challenging and too much for me. He is all for me quitting my job, but still he supported me of my decision to return to work and give this stint a try. I appreciate his kindness so much and out of respect and love for him, he can be rest assured that I will uphold and prioritize our family all the time, and that even if I'm now back in the workforce, my role as a wife and mom still always comes first.

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  1. Obviously, you are all set to go back to work Teh. Buying another set of Vonn Kaleb's play yard is also a good decision especially that he really enjoyed being inside his fort.

    You are so blessed with a loving and supportive husband and definitely a beautiful family Teh. Basta ha kahit toxic na ang work at kailangan ka ng bagets mo alam mo na nag gagawin mo Teh.

    Kids can get so demanding especially kapag makita nilang busy-busyhan tayo sa ibang bagay kasi nga ayaw nilang may kaagaw sa atin but thanks God for the opportunity of working from home dahil nakakayanan din nating i balance ang lahat.

    God bless you at welcome sa pagbabalik sa iyong work Teh. Hugs!


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