Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For the past three consecutive weekends, Vince and I had been out of town for job interviews/site visits. The experience was altogether new to me, so allow me to spill some of the details of my recent adventure, and let you know why these are no ordinary interviews ;)


INTERVIEW #1: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

Wellsboro being in the mountainous area of Pennyslvania, Vince decided to rent an SUV. Lebanon is only about a three-hour drive away from Wellsboro, so we weren't too worried about travelling. We left our home late on Thursday night and made few last-minute stops at the mall before finally heading to Wellsboro. Our potential employer booked a room for us at Penn Wells Lodge, and by the time we got there, it was already past midnight. Sitting on top of a dresser inside our room were welcome presents from our potential employer:

pretty arrangement of daisies, mums and the likes :)

basket of chocolates, nuts, and other goodies with $50 gift card for select local restaurants
Our interview itinerary included:

1. Breakfast with several hospital staff including physicians and CEO.
2. Tour of the hospital and clinic site.
3. Meeting with more hospital staff for explanation of benefits, policies, system, etc.
4. Meeting with CEO.
5. Lunch at Wren's Nest in Blossburg with a couple of hospital staff.
6. We looked at a couple of houses being rented out by the hospital.
7. Dinner at Timeless Destination in Wellsboro with several hospital staff including physicians and their wives.
8. Tour with a real estate agent who showed us other more houses and properties being sold and/or rented out around the Wellsboro/Blossburg area.

Coincidentally, I have a friend who lives in the area and works in the same hospital Vince and I were interviewing for, so we had a reunion with her and her family. They were kind enough to show us other places like the Pennsylvanian Grand Canyon, biking and hiking trails, parks, etc., and we attended church together on Sunday morning.

INTERVIEW #2: Rushville, IL

INTERVIEW #3: Adel, Georgia


Did I mention that all expenses we incurred during these interviews were paid for by the potential employers? They even made the necessary travel arrangements like our flights, hotel accommodations, and car rentals for us. I know, right? I have a friend who has been having similar interviews like ours and he got an offer in Hawaii, and so his potential employer flew him from Georgia to Hawaii and he stayed there for five cool days! Nice, eh?!

Anyway, all three interviews went well. They were kind of draining and exhausting especially with those places where we had to fly but overall it was a great experience. We got positive feedbacks from all three hospitals and the challenge we are currently facing is to decide which offer we'll take. It's hard because each of the three has something that's advantageous than the other two, but ultimately, we have to choose one. Vince has been in touch with each of them, and hopefully with God's leading, we can soon let them know what our decision is :) And you, guys, will definitely know whatever it is we decide upon *wink*



  1. Ang galing! I am so amazed of all the accommodation the potential employers are giving out to their prospect employees.

    Grabeh! Baket ang unfair ng mundo at wala yan dito satin? Sobrang cool ng lakad nyo KM kasi may kasama pang leisure.

  2. @ MC, masaya na nakakapagod din :D

    @ Lainy, oo, talagang pinipilit namin i-squeeze-in ang mga lakwatsa in between. Hehe!

  3. wow, lots of goodies, i would love to receive some, he he he, thanks for visiting.

  4. Buti naman! At least andaming memories to look back to. Di lang purely business, pati gala na rin.


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