Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For the past three consecutive weekends, Vince and I had been out of town for job interviews/site visits. The experience was altogether new to me, so allow me to spill some of the details of my recent adventure, and let you know why these are no ordinary interviews ;)


INTERVIEW #1: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

INTERVIEW #2: Rushville, Illinois

INTERVIEW #3: Adel, Georgia

Vince and I didn't have a good start for this interview. Thursday afternoon, I was rushing to get my work done and finish packing at the same time. We left home a little past 4:00 p.m. and we're supposed to be at the airport by 5:00 p.m. at the latest. Along the way, I was praying for our flight to be delayed as I was so positive we already missed it. When I checked in at the airport while Vince parked our car, I was relieved to find out that our flight indeed had been delayed. That's good news. The bad news is, we might not be able to make it on time for our connection to Valdosta in Atlanta.

True enough, with our flight from Harrisburg delayed for an hour, Vince and I missed our connection in Atlanta. Unfortunately, that was the last flight, and the earliest flight the following day would be at 9:45 a.m. and would arrive in Valdosta at 10:45 a.m. Our interview was scheduled at 9:00 a.m., so rather than staying overnight in Atlanta, we decided to rent a car and just drive to Valdosta, which is about a three-hour drive or so. When we tried to get our checked-in luggage, the attendant informed us that it's already too late and they're not bringing baggages out anymore, so we had no choice but to pick it up the following day at Valdosta. We were so torn on what to do because whichever way, we won't be able to make our 9:00 a.m. interview, especially that Vince's suit is in our checked-in luggage. Vince informed the hospital CEO about our situation and went ahead with our decision to drive that night. Being that too late already, the supposed-to-be three-hour drive stretched to almost five hours. We stopped three times at hotel parking lots along the way, so that Vince could take a nap. By the time we got at Hilton Garden Inn in Valdosta, it was almost 5:00 a.m., but I perked up a bit when I saw these presents courtesy of the hospital waiting for us at the reception:

A basket full of pecan nuts, a tumbler, and a coffee pack.
We really appreciated the fact that the hospital accommodated us very well and adjusted our itinerary, as the flight delay and suitcase mishap really threw us off the schedule. Our interview was moved from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Our itinerary included:

1. Lunch with the CEO of the hospital and his staff.
2. Tour of the hospital.
3. Meeting with CEO.
4. Tour with real estate agent wherein we got to see several gorgeous houses for sale and apartments for rent.
5. Tour around the community and the school system.
6. Dinner with hospital staff including CEO and his wife, and a physician with his wife.
7. Breakfast with the CEO at IHOP.
8. We went to the CEO's son's peewee football game, and there we met the rest of his family and in-laws.
9. We had lunch with the CEO and his family.
10. Vince played golf with the CEO and another physician, while two ladies from the hospital took me shopping with them.
11. We attended an annual social event/dinner sponsored by the hospital.
12. We went to the CEO's house for an after-party. Vince and the boys (CEO, Dr. J and Mr. Mailman) watched football on TV while me and the girls (wives and a couple more guests) huddled over drinks and chips in the kitchen. Of course, the only drink I had was bottled water.


Did I mention that all expenses we incurred during these interviews were paid for by the potential employers? They even made the necessary travel arrangements like our flights, hotel accommodations, and car rentals for us. I know, right? I have a friend who has bee going for interviews same as us, and he got an invitation from Hawaii, so his potential employer flew him from Georgia to Hawaii, and he stayed there for five cool days! Nice, eh?!

Anyway, all three interviews went well. They were kind of draining and exhausting especially with those places where we had to fly but overall it was a great experience. We got positive feedbacks from all three hospitals and the challenge we are currently facing is to decide which offer we are going to accept. It's hard because each of the three has something advantageous than the other two, but ultimately, we have to choose one. Vince has been in touch with each of them, and hopefully with God's leading, we can soon let them know what our decision is :) And you, guys, will definitely know whatever it is we decide upon *wink*



  1. Wow! That was really a very hectic schedule that u had. Your days were really occupied to the max.

    Hmmm....napakasarap namang challenge nyan! Yung pumili sa 3 opportunities that's waiting for you. Anyway, whatever that you have decided upon, I wish you good luck and the best of everything. Cheers!

  2. Hi ate KM! You don't drink any alcohol or wine pala? :) Mukhang nag-enjoy kayo ni kuya Vince kahit exhausting yung mga trips niyo. Bongga! You travel and do work together. Ang sweet.

  3. awww! so toxic but really adventurous.. parang hindi naman ako makahinga while reading your itinerary sis.... soooo hectic...hehehe

    I pray that God will lead you where He really wants you to go. Just follow your heart's desire.

  4. @ Krizza, medyo nakakapagod nga. Tatlo pa lang napakahirap ng pumili, just imagine yung isa namin kilala naka seven interviews sya. Thanks sa well wishes :)

    @ Algene, I had a horrible experience with wine, so I learned my lesson well :D Actually si Vince lang ang candidate, pero invited din kasi ang spouse to attend the interviews kaya ako kasali ;) Hugs!

    @ Rovie, naku sinabi mo pa. Kahit kami ni Vince pagod na pagod. As in nakauwi kami nung after party eh around 11pm na tapos flight na naman kinaumagahan. Thanks sa well wishes, Rovz :)

  5. What an unfortunate mishap, KM. Pero ang bongga parin! They tried to adjust the time of interview for your convenience. Ang galing talaga! Sobrang warm ng accommodation sa inyo and to think na interview palang yan. Sobrang bilib ako! Aren't you applying as well?

  6. What an encouraging and uplifting story. Set against the difficult episode if missed flights and a ling night, the caring and thoughtfulness of others had a chance to shine. A beautiful story of God's grace!

  7. wow! kabog naman iyang experience really have a grand time together, work and leisure hahaha!
    sana makapili na kayo ng work, godluck KM!

  8. @ Lainy, thankful talaga kami that they were very nice sa'min. Si Vince lang ang candidate, pero invited lagi ang spouse kasi he/she plays an important role sa decision making ;)

    @ Mario, thanks for dropping by!

    @ Reese, oo sinusulit namin. We try to do side trips every chance we get ^^

  9. Galing naman ano? Pati ang role ng spouse sa decisionmaking, kasama sa hiring process nila. Dito kaya satin, meron bang ganyan? Ehem. I doubt it. Asa pako! LOL!

  10. oo, Laine. they let the staff's wives talk to me too para i-share yung experience nila when they moved to the new place. ganun :D

  11. That was a very hectic sched but definitely great and full of fun, sis! We experienced the same when my husband underwent the same job hunting procedure. We used to live in Illinois, and the husband applied at many states. The two interviews that we went to were here in Wisconsin and one in Arkansas, and yep, all paid by the universities that asked him for the campus interview. There were several more who were interested in him, kaso, we didn't continue na when the job was offered to him na here in Central Wisconsin. It was a draining experience but absolutely worth it. ;-)

    Sis, may tanong ako sa Med Transcription mo. Are you working as a transcriptionist for a long time na? I am planning to take up the course kasi. I hope you can shed me some lights and recommendations on what to do and what nots. Do you have FB? I'd love to link up with you sa Facebook. profile URL ko. I would really appreciate it if I can ask some stuff from you. :)

  12. Sobrang bilib naman talaga ako! Ang bongga! Wish ko lang talaga meron ding ganyan dito sa Pinas. Sigh! Kelan pa kaya mangyayari yon?

  13. Binasa ko pa lang yung itinerary napagod na ako. hehehe! Worth it namn lahat ng paghihirap at pagod nyo mula pag travel at mga mishaps na ngyayi dahil may magandang kapalit ito. Ang sweet and thoughtful namn nung isang hospital na nagbigay ng basket of goodies! Excited na ako malaman kung alin yung napili nyo sa 3!


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