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Nuit Blanche, which literally is White Night in French, is an all-nighter arts festival.  In Toronto, Scotiabank sponsors this annual free event wherein for one sleepless night, hundreds of artists and spectators get to transform Toronto into a big gallery celebrating contemporary arts from sunrise to sunset.

Last year, I attended Nuit Blanche with a bunch of friends.  Our first stop was at the intersection of Yonge Street and Bloor Street where lots of people lined up to find out what their future holds as foretold by a giant wooden sculpture of kortune fookie.  Yes, you read that right.

We saw a lot more exhibits on the streets but apparently "The Aurora" was the blockbuster of all entries last year.  Believe me, we almost got into a fight while lining up to see this art exhibit of feathery things and bottles filled of who-knows-what liquidy thing hanging on the ceiling.

The chilly fall weather bit us so soon that night, so my friends and I didn't go far into the streets of Dundas, King and Queen where more exhibits were displayed.  We warmed ourselves with hot coffee and chocolate in Starbucks and then headed home. 

Free glow lights from Scotiabank!
Nuit Blanche is a fun festival especially for art enthusiasts.  I missed this year's festival but I read that it was more edgy with pyrotechniques and live performances on the streets.   Oh well, I'm just hoping I can attend another Nuit Blanche in the future :) 


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  1. Graveh! At muntik pa kayong napaaway while on queue. Controversial, haha! I wonder kung anong feeling nagpapicture dyaan sa feathery thing hanging on the ceiling, KM?

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaa, ang cool lang! :)Try ko din sumali sa Tuesday Travels. :D

  3. It's nice talaga to travel a lot. You'll tend to appreciate more things and get acquainted more with the place. Sana like u madami din akong budget for travels...hahaha.

    Thanks for the visit KM!
    Have a nice day dear! *hugs*

  4. Sana may ganito rin sa Pinas! :) Very interesting. I like to call it White Night lang. :) Bakit hindi ka nakaattend this year ate KM? :)

  5. i'd love to go to that festival.. i am sure there is so much to see! thanks for the visit, sis!

  6. That's one event I wouldn't miss! :) We have the long nights at the museums around here, not only about art but all museums...imagine how happy I am hopping from one to the other. Thanks for the visit!

  7. a good opportunity to bond with friends and also opportunity to learn many things... ikaw na nga idol ko sa pag travel...hehehe...

    soon pag na activate ko yung isang blog ko sa WP, join ako Tuesday travels...

    I asked about 2peeeps kasi sa profile mo under sya sa my blogs... hehehe... try mo check sis...

    Florence will be visiting Davao just in time for Bella's first birthday... hehehe...

  8. love those thingy hanging on the ceiling ha ... mystic.. interesting... have a good time there...was here for TT :)

  9. Dropping by again Ate! :)

    Finally, nakasali na ako sa TT! :)

    Visiting from Tuesday Travels.
    Karawasan Festival 2011

  10. @ Lainy, oo, galit na galit yung mga ibang nakapila sa'min, kasi nagpakapasaway kami at gumawa kami ng sarili naming pila. haha! pinapasok naman kami ng guard kasi nakapila din naman kami - naging dalawa nga lang yung pila. hehe!

    @ Marie, yey ! kasali ka na din sa TT :)

    @ Krizza, libre naman 'tong festival na 'to kasi ito eh nung nakatira pa ako sa Toronto. Kaya pamasahe lang sa tren at bus ang binayaran ko ^^

    @ Algene, i wasn't able to attend this year's Nuit Blanche because I moved to the States :)

    @ Raya, definitely. Lotsa people in the streets. Ang saya!

    @ Mirage, and it's free :)

    @ Rovie, pagdating mo ng Canada, ma-experience mo din lahat yan :)

    @ Vernz, truly interesting. i have no idea what those were. hehe!

  11. Wow! Wish I can go abroad and join such an amazing festival. Thanks for dropping by my TT entry. :)

  12. Very interesting fest! I enjoyed the photos. Mga sophisticated masyado, di ata ako makaka-relate. Lol.

    Sorry for my late TT visit sis!


  13. Oh, that is interesting..

    Visiting for WW!!! Hope you can visit mine too:)

  14. ^ thank you all for the visit!

  15. great pictures :-) very informative too. Thank you for sharing :-) Dropping some love for Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.

  16. I love those hanging stuff on the ceiling! I took a picture of a similar scene in Bellagio's in Vegas, colorful nga lang yung doon. :)

    Late WW visit here! Hope you don't mind!

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    Icebergs on Dry Land

  17. thanks for the WW visits :D

  18. fun photos with friends! thanks for joining, KM..this is such a late visit. see you this at WW again this week!


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