Thursday, October 27, 2011

♪♫ DO-RE-MI ♪♫

I was quickly browsing my Facebook this morning when I randomly hopped upon Flights "R" Us Travel and Tours page.  They are selling discounted tickets for The Sound of Music Manila, which is currently being played at the Resorts World Manila.  I checked out the poster and among the names I recognized were Chris Villonco, Audie Gemora, Pinky Amador, Pinky Marquez, and Debra Liz.  The ticket prices seem to be very reasonable (VIP for PhP2000 - original price).  I mean, if I remember it right, the F4 in Manila ticket prices were sold for more than PhP2000, and yet a lot still came to the concert to listen to Dao Ming Xi and his gang's songs with lyrics that Filipinos couldn't even properly pronounce.  So, if you think about it, PhP2000 is very much worth it to spend in support of the local artists, right?  Your LSS (last song syndrome) will at least either be "Doe a deer a female deer..." or "When the dog bites, when the bee stings..." and not "Oh baby, baby, My baby baby, Wo jue bu neng shi qu ni..."  LOL.  

Speaking of The Sound of Music, two years ago, Vince and I watched the Canadian production at The Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. As part of his birthday treat to me, Vince bought us tickets to the said musical.  The role of Maria was chosen by the public through a television talent show, "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" which was co-produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The lead role went to Elicia Mackenzie, but it was her alternate, Janna Polzin, who Vince and I saw performed.  Overall, the production was fabulous - the actors/actresses were great, and the props/set were amazing. I've seen the movie and the cartoon version a lot of times but never really saw it in theatre until then.

Early this year, Vince and I saw another musical called, "In The Heights" at the Hershey Theatre. Interestingly, I read in Wikipedia that there had also been a Filipino production of this award winning musical, and casted Nyoy Violante for the lead role, Usnavi. Apparently, it ran for a limited engagement from September 02 to 18, 2011 but will return to Manila in March 2012.  The story revolved around the characters' lives in the New York City Dominican-American neighborhood of Washington Heights, Manhattan.  The play featured Hispanic culture particularly the importance of family and friends expressed through lively Latino music and grooves in a modern Western setting.  Considering how the Spaniards contributed greatly to traditional Filipino values, I'm pretty sure that Filipinos would be able to relate well with "In The Heights."

Musical plays and theatrical shows are very entertaining forms of arts.  I think every once in a while it's good to have a break from the boob tube and reels and indulge yourself into pure talent without the cheese of showbiz ;)  And for the record, I just want to make it clear that I have nothing against F4; in fact, I think Vaness is the cutest of them all, because he can speak English and he had a Filipina teacher.  Hehe!


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  1. O nga ano. I remember vividly the Filipinos have been going gaga over F4 nong Meteor Garden days. Pero alam mo bang di ko napanood yan at kung makikita ko sa TV uli ang F4, diko marerecognize? Hahahaha!

    Let us all support the local music industry. Madalas kesa minsan, tayong mga pinoy eh mas suportive pa sa foreign music kesa sa sariling atin. Colonial mentality 'ika nga. I could go on and more and bore all of you, pero sa totoo lang, yan ang reality. It sucks but we are the only ones who can support our very own.

    Uy! I sound too serious na ata, hahahaha! Anyways, thanks for sharing blasts from the past with Dr. Vince. MAhilig ka nga pala talaga sa dress ano? Hehe. Bagay na bagay sayo, KM. That's womanhood at its best ;-)

  2. Hi Km! Actually I also like watching musicals and theater live performances. I find these more exciting than watching at cinemas. Mas na appreciate ko yung live performances kasi talagang may connection sa audience at "impromptu" kaya meaning talagang praktisado mga talents.

    Striking talaga ang fashion sense mo KM...see yun ang laging unang napupuna ni Lainy! Hahaha.

  3. @ Lainy, I have the same sentiments, dear. Lalo na ang daming talented na Pinoy, kaya dapat talagang mas bigyan ng suporta kesa foreign, di ba?

    Nahawaan lang ako ng sister ko sa F4 na yan. Mas feel ko kasi yung mga Koreanovelas nun kesa sa Meteor Garden. LOL.

    Thanks for the comments and compliment din sa mga dress ko. Abot na naman talaga hanggang tenga yung ngiti ko nyan :D

    @ Krizza, nakakaaliw naman manood talaga ng mga plays and musicals. Like I said pure talent talaga, dahil walang retakes pag live. Tapos lahat ng movements talagang makikita mo. Kahanga-hanga kung baga.

    Medyo mahilig lang talaga ako sa mga skirt, dresses, at ka-kikay-an. Pa girly girl lang :D

  4. Buti na lang kinclarify mo that you have nothing against F4 Sis! Hehehe..

    Ako na yata ang baliw na baliw sa kahit anong Koreanobela...Ang kabaduyan ata nasa akin na... Kasi I love Filipino Music, filipino movies, artists, etc..Hehehe..

    I've never been to any live musical show. Surely masaya yun! Sige lang one of these days. Gusto ko kasi ma expose si Bella baka pangarapin nya rin maging artist someday... Hehehe

  5. Sis ang mga post natin parang teaser for our upcoming Anniversary... hehehe... Kakakilig!

    At guess what, Bren talked about having dinner on our anniversary. Hahaha... Anong plan nyo ni Vince? Saya nyan kasi first anniversary yang sa inyo...

    Advance HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sis! Cheers to more years for love and happiness!

  6. Twice pa lang ako nakapanood ng musical kadalasan concert ang napupuntahan ko. Mahilig ako sa kantahan frustrated singer kasi ako e! hehehe!

  7. @ Rovz, dadamayan kita jan sa Koreanovela. Inadik ko din yan noon. Hehe!

    Lapit na anniversary natin ;) May winter storm warning nga dito so unsyami ang plano namin ni Vince. Sa Sunday na lang kami mag-ce-celebrate ♥

    Happy anniversary in advance din sa inyo ni Bren! Cheers to stronger marriage :)

    @ Anney, ako din frustrated singer kaya tuloy lahat ng makarinig sakin kumanta, na-f-frustrate din. Hehe! Salamat sa dalaw :D

  8. yeah sounds like a fair price. sounds of music is classic.

  9. Sis, I am actually thinking of hosting a meme. Inaayos ko pa ang concept. Initially naisip ko about "pampering" sya at saka mga stories that made us happy and thankful we are women..

    Halimbawa yung nabili mo yung fave dress mo or you finally get a makeover, or na hug ka ng baby mo... from simple to big things... Any story that made us feel good...

    Nasa planning stage pa sya... Hopefully sa "WOMAN" blog sya. Still working on its own domain..

    Naisip ko sya because of you, krizza, reese,rona,algene,lainy at iba pang nasa circle natin... para may common connection tayo every week..

    Sayang din kasi yung nasimulan nating bonding. Yaman din lamang na nakahiligan na natin ang meme...

    What can you say about "Pampering Weekend" or "Weekend Indulgence" as a meme title? Sa iyo ko lang to unang sinabi ha... Baka may suggestion ka... Hehehe

  10. Happy anniversary to you KM and your dear husband, Dr. Vince. May you share more wondrous years of blissful marriage.


    Thanks for the birthday greetings. I had fun and I made sure I had a little pampering session ;-)

  11. sweet couple :-) great date time with your hubby :-) hope you guys have a wonderful time together, visiting for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can visit me back too

  12. I remember the F4 because one of ,y sister was very fond of them. Thanks for linking up.

  13. oh wow. I love watching theatrical shows. How nice treat of your hubbz. Visiting from Nostalgia.

  14. This reminds me of the "Finding Nemo" we watched at Disney.

    Thank you for joining Color Connection. You can see more here

  15. hahaha... I love it when you started mentioning about the F4 and their songs. I didn't know what in the world they were singing about, but they were sure a huge bit. The price sounds about right. I can see you guys love theatre. :) How awesome! you looking great! :)One very late visit via CC.

    Adin B

  16. awww! another musical date from hubby :-) Visiting late from Color Connection, hope that you can return the visit too.

  17. I love f4 too but i also like watching musicals. like rovie, i want to expose my kids to that kind of shows. here for color connection.


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