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I first heard of The Liberty Bell when I saw the 2004 film, National Treasure, top-billed by Nicolas Cage.   It is an interesting movie and I loved it that I even bought a DVD of it.  The chance of seeing or visiting in person the historic icons and places featured in that film never occurred to me then, but guess what, I actually got to see and visit a lot of them recently including The Liberty Bell :)

I did a little research in the Internet about this iconic bell and here are some of the facts I learned:

In 1752, Isaac Norris, Assembly Speaker and the Chairman of the State House Superintendents asked the Assembly's agent in London, Robert Charles, to buy a bell.  Agent Robert Charles ordered a bell from London's Whitechapel Foundry.  The bell was sent from England on the ship Hibernia, captained by William Child.  The bell cracked the first time it was rung.  Two ingenious workmen named Pass and Stow had been hired to recast the bell.  Their names are today inscribed on the bell.  The bell weighed 2080 pounds when it was cast.  The strike note of the bell is E-flat.

Throughout the period from 1790 to 1800, when Philadelphia was the nation's capital, uses of the bell included calling the state legislature into session, summoning voters to hand in their ballots at the State House window, and tolling to commemorate Washington's birthday and celebrate the Fourth of July.

The bell achieved its iconic status when abolitionists adopted the bell as a symbol for the movement.  It was first used in this association as a decorative illustration to an 1837 edition of Liberty, published by the New York Anti-Slavery Society.  It was, in fact, the abolitionists who gave it the name "Liberty Bell," in reference to its inscription.  It was previously called simply the "State House bell."

Click on the picture to enlarge and see the inscription on the bell which states:

"Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof Lev. XXV X

By Order of the ASSEMBLY of the Province of PENSYLVANIA for the State House in Philada.

Pass and Stow

I hope you learned something from this post.  I got the above trivia from Liberty Bell.  Feel free to click the link for more interesting US history facts.   However, if you want to read about the places I've been to and more travel stories, please click here:  TUESDAY TRAVEL

See you around :)

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  1. I never knew about the bell until I read it in your post. Yea, may natutunan ako ate. :)

  2. The Liberty Bell is a wonderful symbol of freedom! Interesting post!

  3. @ Algene, thanks for always dropping by :)

  4. @ Gemma Wiseman, thanks for dropping by ! :)

  5. i also watched National Treasure...
    this post reminds me of our bell (Bell in Samar) na kinuha ng mga Americans, sana ibalik na nila
    magaling na ako KM

  6. so the movie was certainly true in stating certain facts about the bell.
    thanks for sharing a great trivia.

  7. Great! This is something new to me! (lol)...Take care! :) I've already added your link to my "Home Sweet Home" site.

    God Bless!

  8. Cool! :)

    thanks sa pag travel ulit sa mga readers mo Ate! :)

  9. @ Reese, may bell din pala sa Samar na ganyan? good to hear na magaling ka na :)

    @ Clarizze, yap. Thanks for dropping by :)

    @ Krizza, thanks for the ex link in Home Sweet Home. I'll visit you often there :)

    @ Marie, you're welcome dear :) Thank you sa pagbisita sakin lagi dito ^^

  10. thanks for the interesting trivia sis...

    Bella is doing good now... Ang likot likot na... Thanks God!

    Sa pag uwi mo sa Pinas baka maisipan ninyong pumasyal ng Davao.... hehehe

  11. Very interesting piece of info about the Liberty Bell, KM.

    BTW, kelan nga uli ang bakasyon mo dito sa Pinas?

  12. keep traveling, then keep posting. :D

  13. thats great sis! i am always curious if theres some truth about that movie

  14. ^ thank you all for your comments, guys! :)

  15. Ganda naman ng mga ngiti!

    Here's the recipe for

  16. Hi KM thanks for sharing this to WW, i love your travel pics. By the way, did you know that you won 5 $ from Tuesday Travels? Sorry for the late visit.. was out for a one week trip.

  17. oi, very informative..
    Visiting from Wednesday Whites..
    My White Little Kikay .Have a nice day!
    Inviting you to join my hosted meme Orange Tuesdays open till Saturday.

  18. @ Chubskulit, thanks for the recipe ! :)

    @ Raya, how was your trip? super saya ko nung nakita kong ako yung winner sa TT. hehe!

    @ Iris by Shengkay, thanks for the visit, and guess what, i can join Orange Tuesdays this week ^^

  19. wow! ang ganda naman Sis KM, so social :-) pang international talaga beauty mo :-) Visiting for TT, hope that you can return the favor too.


  20. Wow buti kapa kita mo na yan hehe Visiting from TT!

  21. Thanks, Mommy Jess and Gengen! :)


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