Monday, October 10, 2011


This is how you devour a turkey leg the Karenina way :D
My BFF called me on the phone this morning biatching why I haven't sent out any Thanksgiving greetings yet.  He goes, "Porket ba nasa US ka na, hindi ka na babati ng Thanksgiving? Canadian ka ah!" *loosely translated as "Just because you're in the States now you're not going to greet us a happy Thanksgiving?  You're still Canadian!"* LOL.  Of course, he was joking, but I was really glad to hear from him especially that we haven't been able to talk a lot recently.

I honestly intended to send out greetings last Friday but things got hectic for me over the weekend.  I was out of town from Thursday to Sunday with no Internet connection most of the time.  Then, today, I have to work to make up for my absences during my out of town trips, thus no Thanksgiving long weekend for me *boooo!*, and so I hope that this public greeting in my blog will suffice :D

A little trivia I gathered from Wikipedia regarding the celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving:

On Thursday, January 31, 1957, the  Canadian Parliament proclaimed:   "A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed - to be observed on the 2nd Monday in October."

And, if there's anything that's synonymous to Thanksgiving, it's nonetheless a turkey.  Neither me nor Vince is a fan of turkey but hey, it's the time of the year when a bird gets to outshine the rest of its winged relatives, so I'm not going to steal its thunder ;)

Friend:  What kind of dead animal is that?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY, CANADA !  I hope that Canadians celebrate this holiday in remembrance of how much God has truly blessed Canada :)


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  1. YUM! Ang sarap nyan KM! Ganda ng pagkakakuha ng pictures nyong dalawa ni darling hubs mo, hehe!

    Happy thanksgiving day, CANADA!

  2. Masarap ba ang turkey? hehehe. Anyways, it looked very appetizing huh. :D

    Happy Thanksgiving day, Canada! How I wish to visit that country soon. :D

  3. Oh wow, ang laki ng drumstick! Hehehehe... makahawak lang ako ng ganyan, happy na ako! :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada!

    I'm ok KM, eto di pa makatulog from work

  5. Natawa namn ako sa pterodactyl! lol!
    Happy Thanksgiving day Canada!

  6. @ Lainy, thanks! Those pics were taken last year pa when we weren't married yet :D

    @ Ash-di, okei lang naman ang turkey. Mas masarap pa din ang chicken! ;)

    @ Jenn, I think may turkey naman sa Pinas, right?

    @ Reese, thanks! Sleep ka na so you can dream about Johnny or Justin ;)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving sa mga Canadian. Interesting yang turkey! :D

    Anyway ate, di pa po ako sumasali sa meme kasi di ko alam pano magsisimula. Magpopost lang ba ako sa blog tas maghahanap ng "badge" na relevant dun sa topic then I'll inform the owner.. Ganoon po ba?

  8. Anney, thank you ! mukha kasi talagang pterodactyl :D

    uy, by the way, in-add na kita sa ex links ko kasi i saw my link in your blog roll. thank you ulit ^^

    see you around ha? :)

  9. @ Marie, thanks! I left you a comment sa blog mo explaining how to join memes. Hope that helps :)

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there! Ang tanong, naubos mo ba yung hawak mo? Hahaha.

    Thanks for always visiting KM!

    Take care always!!

  11. You had a wonderful weekend ate KM and I'm glad you did! Thank you for sharing this to us. Nakakagutom. Super yumyum! :))

  12. @ Krizza, thanks! Nag-share lang kami ni hubby ko sa isa :D

    @ Algene, thanks for dropping by. Nag-aabang ako ng bagong post mo ;)

  13. porma nyo palang sarap na sarap na..hehe!

    visiting YS:)

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada! Ay... I'm so looking forward to celebrate that soon... God willing... hehehe..

    Here for Yummy Sunday at Blue MOnday na nga rin... at sa lahat na din mga meme at mga araw... hehe...

    May meme o wala nandito lang ako lagi sis... About pla sa change ng domain name, totoo nga nawala ang ranking ko... but okay lang one step closer naman ako to monetizing my blog...

    Suggestion ko, buy your own domain habang PR1 pa lang tong blog mokasi mas hirap kung mas mataas na ang PR hirap na bitawan...

  15. @ Tejan, minsan lang yan :D

    @ Rovie, salamat ng marami sa suporta :) ako din naman eh nandito lang din para sumuporta sa mga blogs mo hanggang maging PR10 na ;)

  16. Salamat din sis... Sana nga mag PR10 noh? hehehe... Kelan kaya yun?

    Cheers for more years of blogging together!!!

  17. Belated Canadian Thanksgiving to you. We celebrated our last Canada thanksgiving last week and left Canada the day after. (Oct 11).

  18. I'd love to have a bite of that Turkey leg, too! Happy FTF! Here's my entry:

  19. That is huge! Visiting from FTF!

  20. i had fun reading this post:)


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