Tuesday, October 25, 2011


the rival team in its blue and orange uniform

When Vince and I interviewed in Adel, Georgia two weekends ago, part of our itinerary was to watch a pee wee football game.  Our interviewer, Michael, is an avid football fan.  He played when he was in high school and college, and now, he coaches the neighbouring county's pee wee football team where his 8-year-old son currently plays for.  On the second day of our interview, we went to his son's game.  That was the first time that I watched an actual football game.   I thought I would get bored especially that I wasn't really familiar with the rules, but interestingly, I enjoyed the game that I even cheered on whenever a team would score a touchdown.  Thanks to Vince who explained to me the basics of football, and the little cheerleaders in their pompoms and short skirts who amused me with their cute moves ;) One thing I can say though is that football is a very physical sport.  Even with those 8-year-old boys and under, I witnessed a lot of tackling and bumping, and I heard more than once from the coaches and spectators that, "It's legal to hit someone in the mouth."  Hehe!  However, when a player got hurt during the game and was taken off the field to sit it out, all the other players dropped down on one knee and clapped for the injured kid.  Awwwwww :')

Anyway, here are a couple more photos I took during the game:

the quarterback got tired and had to take some rest on the side!

And yes, Michael's team won!  Hooray for the Rebels!


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Smiling Sally



  1. Di ako maka relate! HEHEHE! Di kasi ako sporty.. Badminton lang alam ko! :D

    nice post and pics ate KM! <3

  2. I like watching football on TV at kasi parang wla pa nyan dito eh... Gustong gusto ko panoorin dito ung Soccer Football...

    Medyo sporty kasi ako. I played softball and basketball during HS and college at lagi akong nanalo sa larong table tennis... hehehe.. nagyabang pa!hehehe

  3. Wala akong alam sa football, KM. Di na nga marunong kung pano laruin, di pako nakakapanood kahit man lang sa TV. Ang alam ko lang laruin ay badminton just like MC ;-) Pero forever basketball fan ako. Ginebra forever eto, hahaha!

  4. @ Marie, ako din noon sobrang hindi athletic, CHESS lang ang kaya kong laruin. Hehe! Pero eventually, kinaya ko din naman maglaro ng volleyball, table tennis, basketball, etc.

    @ Rovie, uy, congrats at ikaw pala ang bida sa table tennis ah :D di naman pagyayabang yan, tama lang na maging proud ;)

    @ Lainy, nabasa ko nga yung post mo about Ginebra, kaya lang for some reason, di ako maka reply dun sa post nung time na binabasa ko yun. pareho tayong die hard Ginebra. LOL. 6 years old ako dinala ako ni Papaleng sa practice ng Ginebra, at pinainom ng dalawang Coke in can para mawala ang hiya, at makapagpa autograph sa mga players. Haha! Si Billy Ray Bates pa ang import nun, imagine mo naman, ang liit liit ko tapos nakikisingit ako sa mga fans para lang humingi ng autograph nila. Hehe!

  5. It`s fun watching football, though I`m not that sporty type....Congrats to their team....

  6. hooorayy:) thanks for the viist at my OT entry..visitin back;)

    see you around!

  7. thanks for joinin sis!
    see you next round..
    hindi rin ako makasport na tao..hehehe..

  8. i don't know I'll let my boys play football. I can't breathe everytime they wrestle here at home, what more sa football. thanks for sharing, KM. your posts are always fun and very interesting. have a great week ahead!

  9. I played volleyball in HS and college but not really good lol.

    My BLUE. Have a wonderful week full of glad and joy for the holidays!

  10. It's a rough sport! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday< KM.

  11. The players are so cute.. Nice uniforms too:)

    Visiting for BM! Hope you can visit mine too..


  12. this is the only sport i enjoy watching. probably because football was popular in Negros when i was growing up. i was absolutely crazy with football in high school.:p

  13. thank you, all, for the comments :)


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