Sunday, October 30, 2011


♪♫ Come on get higher, come on get higher
Come on get higher, loosen my lips
Because everything works, love
Faith and desire in the swing of your hips
Everything works in your arms ♪♫

Dear Vince,

It has been a year now since we exchanged  "I do's."  Looking back, who would have thought that we could pull off a wedding like that with only 28 days to plan and prepare? :)  Everything happened in a whirlwind.  We got engaged in September, and  barely a month after, we were marching down the aisle to forever!  We lacked a lot of elements in our wedding, but what the heck, there was the bride, the groom, the minister, and witnesses, and that's all we need to get married, right?  It would have been nice if we could have brought in more friends, coworkers, relatives, and most especially, my parents and family in the Philippines, but the circumstances just did not allow that to happen.  Anyways, we can always plan a second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on and so forth, wedding celebration, so no worries :D  I loved every single moment of our wedding.  It was just imperfectly perfect - like us!

Our first year of marriage has been blissful.  We have encountered some small spats and adjustment issues every now and then but there was none beyond the normal.  Thank you for being a very loving and caring husband - you spoil me a lot but not excessively much.  I hope you won't get tired of pampering me and making me always feel special (and pretty, and sexy!).  Thank you for always being there for me and for putting up with my mood swings and hormone fits.  I appreciate you being a very responsible husband looking after our needs (and wants).  Thank you for showing me the world and exploring it with me.  I know that I still have a lot to learn and improve in me as a wife, and again, thank you for your patience and understanding, as I strive to be the kind of wife you truly deserve.

Vince, I feel so very blessed having you in my life.  If there's anything else I could ask for, it's that we remain faithful to each other, staying true to the promise we made a year ago,  no matter what life brings us or where it takes us.  I pray that God's grace be always with us to keep our marriage strong and unmovable throughout time.  We've only just begun and we still have a long way to go.  I'm looking forward to facing million more milestones together with you.

I love you very much, Vince :)  Ask me to marry you again, and I'll say yes in a heartbeat!  Happy first anniversary, my love.

Love, your K


Feel free to click the link below to view more of our wedding photos:


Photo credits: Jennifer Newberry Photography


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  1. oist,, Happy Anniversary ;) naku... first commenter ako dito..., first time :) wishing u twins now... twice the happiness... twice the excitement ;) i love you both... take care always :)

  2. Ang sweet naman! Ayeee! :)

    Kinikilig ako! ♥

  3. Happy Anniversary sa inyo ni Vince!

    Stay inlove forever....

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary to the both of you! You look gorgeous in that wedding gown! Your letter to Vince was so touching....I'm sure he will take you out for a romantic and memorable dinner to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

    Congrats dear! I wish u more years of love and happiness!! :)

    When ang baby?


  5. Hi KM! What a sweet and moving letter for Vince. He must be very much inlove with you twice as much as you love him.

    I've posted my anniversary greetings in the previous article before this was published. I haven't been online much. I am sure by now, as I write this, you're celebrating this milestone together in some unforgettable romantic get-away. Enjoy every moment of it. Can't wait to see some captures and the romantic saga behind it ;-)

    Again, I wish you forever of blissful marriage and yeah. A healthy baby soon too ;-)

    Congratulations to the both of you!


  6. Thanks KM Dear! Happy anniversary to you and Vince too...

    Wishing you a great sweet day together. Love!Love!Love!

    God bless you too and Vince! Enjoy your first anniversary!Cheers!

  7. happy anniversary! your love letter is so sweet...nakaka-inlove hahaha

  8. Happy anniversary! much love for both of you:)

    Your new follower:)

  9. Happy anniversary ate KM! Wishing for more happy years for you and your Dr. Vince. :) Glad to know na you have a happy marriage. Keep sharing the love in your relationship.

    I am happy for you. HEHEHE <3 Pakasal kayo sa lahat ng simbahan. LOL

  10. happy anniversary.. :D wat a love story.. happy for u KM...

  11. Hi Ate KM! ;)

    Andito ka na pala sa Pinas by Nov. 7? :) Narinig ko lang kay papaleng!

    Welcome back ho! ;)

    chocolate <3 joke!

  12. Kakatuwa ang anniversary namin kasi iba ang ka date ko...Hehehe... Bren and I originally planned to have a movie date eh biglang umatake ang rhinitis nya at ubo... Ayun stay at home sya the whole day...

    Ako naman umattend ng blessing ng isang company at lunch time tapos sa afternoon may meeting with a friend about Bella's bday details so iyon na tuloy ang naka date ko... hehehe...

    Bumawi naman kami ni Bren kasi that night we watched our wedding video together and sabay na nag reminisce sa nakaraan tapos tawanan lang and greeted each other happy anniversary... Hehehe... Simple lang but masaya... Happy na kami dun...

    How about you and Vince? I'm so excited to hear it..

  13. Thank you all for the greetings ! Vince and I really appreciate it :)

    Our first anniversary celebration was great. There was a winter storm which affected mainly Pennsylvania, NY, NJ, but Vince and I managed to escape from the heavy snow fall, and went to Baltimore, Maryland. We spent the night there and the following day, we had a little trip of the city, and went back to Pennsylvania in time for dinner with some of his colleagues. We'll have more celebration when we visit the Philippines next week.

    *Group hug*

  14. YAY! I love the group hug, hahaha!

    Pakisabi kay Dr. Vince, pleasure is all mine ;-)

    Next week na pala! Sobrang lapit na! Enjoy the grand homecoming, KM. How many years has it been since you're here in Pinas? 6 or 7?

  15. Gusto ko rin yang group hug! Hehehe...

    Ang saya mag celebrate ng anniversary... Sana magkita tayo dito noh?

    Wish... Wish...Lol!

  16. Wishing you both an Anniversary full of beauty, gift, and blessings of enduring love. God bless your marriage always.

  17. wishing u more and more years to celebrate love and happiness.

  18. awss!!!

    so sweeet!

    hopping from Wednesday Whites.. hope you can drop by too at my entry here..have a great week ahead!

  19. happy anniversary, visiting from ww.

  20. Sweet, happy anniversary!

    Visiting for WW- hope you can visit me too:)

  21. Your wedding looks like a grand. happy anniversary to you and your better half

  22. awww so sweet, Happy Anniversary to you both, keep the love on fire all the time. May GOD bless you a baby soon. Visiting for WW, hope that you can visit me back too

  23. Happy anniversary to two perfect souls! I love the wedding photos and the letter! :) Super sweet and moving!

    Late WW visit! Hope you can stop by mine, too, if you get a chance!
    24,000 LBS-PAPER-PILE
    New Wii REMOTE

  24. awwww! teary eyed!! that is one very love-filled letter!love, love love it to bits! thanks for sharing this beautiful letter and your wedding photos! Happy anniv to you both!


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