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Another foodie adventure I can't afford not to share in my blog is that one time when my BFF and I went out with the *Magic Onions for dinner, and we had fun sucking bone marrows like there's no tomorrow!

The good thing about dining out with the *Magic Onions is that each of them being pure Chinese who immigrated from different parts of China, they know their native cuisine so well, and so they also know which places in Toronto serve it authentic or not.   Usually, when we go out with the *Magic Onions, we leave it up to them to order, and they would do so in their language/dialect.  Every once in a while my BFF and I would attempt ordering in Chinese, but unlike my BFF, who most of the time succeeded (his tongue is more complex than mine - he speaks Tagalog, Ilocano, English, a little French, fluent in Spanish, more fluent in Bekimon), the farthest I've done is asked a glass of water.   Hehe!

One time, we got tired of Asian Legend (our regular Friday after-game hang-out place) so we decided to eat at somewhere new.  We went to another Chinese restaurant in North York - Finch Avenue and Yonge Street, the name of the place unfortunately, I failed to get.  I remember the store signs were written in Chinese, and I didn't ask for English translation.  The restaurant was okay, nothing too fancy, but with the good Asian population in North York, customers were in and out when we went there. 

So anyway, BFF and I were both intrigued when, other than chopsticks, we were also given a bunch of gloves and straws.  Followed soon was a bowl of flavored pork bone/hocks.  All set and ready for dinner, we were then told by the *Magic Onions that the gloves was so that our hands will not get dirty when we hold the pork bones, and the straw is to suck/sip the marrow out.  BFF and I eagerly put on a glove in one hand, stuck a straw into the bone, and sipped all the marrow we could get, just like the way you would to sip fresh coconut juice.  Haha!

The glove, straw and marrow  experience kind of reminded me of Bulalo (Filipino Bone Marrow Stew).  Only, we Pinoys do not use straw when eating Bulalo, but we "taktak" the bone to get the marrow out or "sungkit" it with a fork.  LOL.  So for that, I'd like to say kudos to Chinese brilliancy ;)

*Magic Onions - the volleyball team I used to play with for pick-up games when I was in Toronto. 

Julio at Julia - Kambal ng Tadhana :D


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  1. ay nag-enjoy ako! :)

    but we "taktak" the bone to get the marrow out or "sungkit" it with a fork. LOL. naaliw ako sa line nato.

  2. Hahahaha! Brilliant nga naman yong paggamit ng gloves and straw. Baket di naisip ng mga Pinoy yon sa bulalo? LOL! Minsan di nga lang taktak at sungkit. With matching "sipsip" pa, hahahaha!

  3. Well...I think I would still go for "taktak" and "sungkit" everytime I take Bulalo. Kasi to me that's more exciting eh! Pag gimamitan mo kasi ng straw, less challenging. Hahaha!

    BTW, Thanks for all your comments left on my posts KM. Bumawi ka talaga!

    Have a nice day! :)

  4. I love BULALO! Sosyal version naman ang pag eat nu... Taktak talaga dapat! Hehehe... Sinubukan mo bang itaktak din ung marrow sis?

    I just wonder kung anong reaksyon ng mga kasama mo... Hahaha!

  5. What a wonderful day to share with BFF. Gusto niyo pala yong marrow? Hehehe. At mukhang nasarapan pa talaga kayo ha! This is the first time I've seen another way of eating it. :)

    Masayang food trip!

  6. Parang juice lang ah! hihihi! Ngayon alam ko na ang tamang pagkain ng bulalo!Pero ang gagamitin kong straw e yung malaki pang pearl shakes! lol! ewan ko lang kung may matira pa sa laki ng straw! I'm sure simot sarap!

  7. @ Marie, hehe!

    @ Lainy, korek, di pa talaga tayo makukuntento sa taktak at sungkit, kelangan me sipsip talaga . lol!

    @ Krizza, tama, mas challenging nga yung style natin eh. kaya sarap na sarap tayo once makuha natin yung "utak." uy, napansin ko nga nag-i-ikut-ikutan tayo nila rovie at algene sa pag comment :D

    @ Rovie, nagulat nga talaga kami bakit me guwantes pa, eh samantalang sanay naman tayo magkamay, di ba? hehe!

    @ Algene, kami naman eh walang pili sa pagkain :D

    @ Anney, natawa ako sa comment mo, promise. lol. oo nga naman, pearl shake straw dapat para isang sipsip higop na lahat ng utak. hahaha!

    ^^ thank you, guys, for all your comments here ! i enjoyed reading them all :D

  8. you're showing how to eat marros with poise..hehehe...visiting for Pink Fridays, mine is up at, i hope you could find time to visit and show some love..

  9. That was an interesting way of eating bone marrow. Sarap sana kaya lang nakakahigh-blood. LOL! Here's my FTF entry:

  10. Wow, it sure was a fun dining out with friends, a sumptuous one! I never tried sucking on bone marrow nor making sungkit of it. Where have I been not to know this foodie?

    visiting from PF:
    my share this week

  11. Ang seksi nong kumakain oh! Inggit ako sa liit ng arms! Sana ako rin, hahaha! Kala mo tungkol sa food ang comment ko noh? LOL!

  12. At sumaglit ka pa sa memeng PF sis ha...

    Dalaw din dito...

  13. yum...looks very delicious, love the way you hold the straw, very sexy like you :-) Thank you for sharing Sis. Dropping some love for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too.

  14. Wow very interesting food..Its brilliant for chinese to use gloves and straw hehe..I would love to try that, Im sure it is fun to do supsup haha..Anyway,late visit from Pf..

  15. hhehee thats cute inistraw ang bne marrow. visiting from Pf btw

  16. I missed that a lot... It takes a lot of work though:(

    Visiting for PF!

  17. that looks delish, perfect for the cold days here in NY. Dropping some love for FTF, hope that you can return the favor too.

  18. How very interesting. I've never had that before or know of anywhere around us that would have it. I'll have to do some checking around as I would be interested in trying it. I'm a new follower, I love food, love to cook, bake and eat :)

    Hugs, LisaKay Belles Roses Romantiques

  19. wow..sarap ng bone marrow! like ko rin yan..
    Visiting from PF, entry #36. Pink Bear
    You might want to join Orange Tuesdays open from Tuesday to Saturday..happy weekend :)

  20. nyahaha...gayahin kaya yan dito, para di na sipsipin with sounds or itaktak hahhaha... kakatuwa. Anyway, visiting from PF. See yah!

  21. @ Lainy, camera trick lang yan. Haha!

    @ Rovz, pansin mong naka-simple pa ako sa meme? Hehe!

    Thank you all for dropping by and leaving comments ^^

  22. sure I would love to have food when it is snowing outside, looks yum and delish. Dropping some love again this time for Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the favor too.

  23. Oh wow, look at that! Now I finally saw a marrow being sucked! LOL. My sister who's based in Japan used to tell me about this menu that her MIL loves daw. It can promote life longevity daw kasi. :) Pero ha, creative masyado yang gagamitan ng glove. O di ba, safe na safe! Lol.

    Was here for PF! You're welcome to stop by mine as wel! ;-)

    Little Traveler in Iowa Rest Area
    Dora Watch for the Good Girl!
    Last Blooms in the Fall
    JB Handbag

  24. Hmmm! Di naman ata camera trick yan eh, hahaha!

  25. Wow! Di ko ata kayang i-straw yung marrow. :) Mas sanay akong sungkitin or de-taktak. :)

  26. wow..pareho tayu... paborito ko din marrow ..hehe..sarap nga kayo tingna.

    visiting late from my late entry din sa YS..hope you can visit back;)

  27. Super fun! what an adventure. Following you now hope you do the sme t mine @


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