Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For the past three consecutive weekends, Vince and I had been out of town for job interviews/site visits. The experience was altogether new to me, so allow me to spill some of the details of my recent adventure, and let you know why these are no ordinary interviews ;)


INTERVIEW #1: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

INTERVIEW #2: Rushville, Illinois

With the intention of doing a side visit to Missouri, Vince and I chose to fly from Harrisburg to St. Louis on Thursday. Our potential employer booked for us to stay in Marriott overnight, and the following day, we drove for about two hours or so from St. Louis to Rushville.

Our itinerary included:

1. Meeting with hospital CEO.
2. Tour of the hospital and clinic visit.
3. Lunch at Cafe from Yesterday with several hospital staff including a physician, CEO and board members.
4. Tour around Beardstown with a real estate agent.
5. Breakfast at Deb and Di's Restaurant with hospital CEO and a board member.
6. Meeting with Dr. Russell Dohner.
7. Tour around Rushville with a real estate agent wherein we saw several houses and some are by the lake.

Our accommodation was at The Scripp's Cottage, and this basket of goodies courtesy of the hospital was waiting for us at the cottage:

This basket full of biscuits, pastries, chocolates, cheese and candies
with a bottle of wine and two glasses made me say, "Cheers!"
We were also given a pouch bag containing a fleece throw, tumbler and reading materials about the community. What else can I say but, "Thank you very much!"

INTERVIEW #3: Adel, Georgia


Did I mention that all expenses we incurred during these interviews were paid for by the potential employers? They even made the necessary travel arrangements like our flights, hotel accommodations, and car rentals for us. I know, right? I have a friend who has been going for interviews same as us, and he got an invitation from Hawaii, so his potential employer flew him from Georgia to Hawaii, and he stayed there for five cool days! Nice, eh?!

Anyway, all three interviews went well. They were kind of draining and exhausting especially with those places where we had to fly but overall it was a great experience. We got positive feedbacks from all three hospitals and the challenge we are currently facing is to decide which offer we are going to accept. It's hard because each of the three has something advantageous than the other two, but ultimately, we have to choose one. Vince has been in touch with each of them, and hopefully with God's leading, we can soon let them know what our decision is :) And you, guys, will definitely know whatever it is we decide upon *wink*



  1. Ibang klase pala magpa interview dyan KM! Sila na lahat sasagot ng gastos mo sila pa magbibigay ng regalo. You guys were really fortunate to be there!

    Feeling happy for you, Sis! :)

  2. Astig talaga, KM! After reading the first episode of these baskets and goodies, parang di parin ako makapaniwala na there exists such generous employers who are willing to spend so much for potential employees. Gumagastos talaga sila for hiring the best human labor force. Yan ang dapat! Kelan kaya mangyayari yan dito satin?

  3. @ Lainy, in need kasi ng physicians ang mga rural areas dito sa States kaya ganun na lang kapursigido ang mga hospitals sa recruitment nila. Plus, marami din silang ka-kompetensya, so they try to up their game as much as they can to convince the candidates to choose them. Very willing talaga sila gumastos for that. Sana nga maging ganyan din sa'tin para naman kahit pano equal footing ang potential employer/candidate during the hiring process, no? :)

  4. hey sis! I remember posting a comment here bakit kaya nawala... hehehe..

    Swerte nu at may mga employers na talagang generous hehe...

  5. Nagkalituhan sa dami ng goodies kasi sis... Hehehe...

    Sana yung iba pamigay mo na lang din dito... Hehehe

  6. I am wishing on a falling star na sana ganon rin nga ang mangyari dito sa atin when it comes to hiring potential candidates to a job. Pero malabo atang magkatotoo ang wish ko. I don't want to sound too negative pero reality would have it na ang bansa natin talagang paurong. Haaay!

  7. OO nga noh. Sabi nga ni Ate Lainy, kelan kaya magkakaron ng ganito dito sa Pinas. hahaiz! :)

    BTW ate, I added your badge in my Badge Exchange page! :) <3


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