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Dr. Russell Dohner proves that for the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you can be "loved by all."  

Dr. Russell Dohner, MD - Rushville, IL

A fake license plate hanging by the clinic's window greeted us, "Dr. Dohner, Loved by All."  I was excited and yet a bit apprehensive with the thought of meeting Dr. Dohner having heard that he has grouchy 85-year-old nurses manning his clinic.  My husband, Vince, wasn't a bit fazed though.  He even made sure that I grab the camera as he was so determined to take a picture with Dr. Dohner.  I tried to object but he assured me with his, "It's alright," so I obliged.

Lynn Stambaugh, CEO of Culbertson Memorial Hospital, led us inside Dr. Dohner's clinic.  She glanced around the waiting room and pointed out to us pieces of furniture which have been there for as long as she can remember.  Dr. Dohner delivered Lynn as a baby, and several decades after that, he delivered Lynn's daughter.  Lynn had previously mentioned to us that you can't find modern technology in Dr. Dohner's office, i.e. no fax machines or computer of whatsoever; he uses rotary dial phone and traditional index cards for patient's records - and he likes to keep it that way.  What struck me most among all the stories that we heard about Dr. Dohner is that he only charges $5 per clinic visit, which is just about the same price I would pay for a Starbucks frapuccino.

A few patients were waiting when we entered the clinic.  A white-haired, hunch-postured nurse was attending the reception area.  Lynn casually asked for Dr. Dohner and let her know that she's bringing people inside his office to meet him.  The nurse attempted to negate Lynn but she just went in anyway heading straight to the back of the office and halfway, we were greeted by Dr. Dohner.

I felt a light in my heart when I saw Dr. Dohner.  I was expecting to see a grumpy old guy who is too busy and probably wouldn't want to be bothered but he was far from and quite the opposite of what I pictured in my mind.  He was very welcoming and was quick to start a conversation with us.  He willingly showed us around his clinic.  He showed us pictures of him on his graduation and when he served in the World War II, pictures of his family, and other nostalgias.  Sticking on his clinic wall's are Biblical posters as well as pictures, postcards, notes and letters from his patients and friends.  Dr. Dohner was glad to show us a miniature calesa, postcard and a picture of Barasoain church, which were given to him by one of his patients who went to the Philippines to meet his Filipina girlfriend whom he met online, and then eventually got married.

We had heard so much of Dr. Dohner during our interview with Lynn the previous day and speaking with him face to face was just a punctuation mark to everything.  We learned that he has been retired for quite a while now but continues to work so hard, and that he hasn't had a vacation for ages.  He wanted to be a cardiologist and when he initially came to Rushville, Illinois, he said he'd only practice as a family physician for five years, but ended up staying there and caring for the community for more than 55 years now.  He was featured on television three times and is a recepient of various quality care awards.  He has donated a lot to his community, and true to the sign that hangs by his window, he is indeed loved by all in Rushville, Illinois.

Of course, while Vince and I were awed to meet such gentleman and all-ears listening to Dr. Dohner, the white-haired hunch-postured nurse was mumbling on the background, "I hear that story every day."  Well, we don't.  I grew up in an era where the likes of Dr. Dohner is a rare gem.  It is very touching and inspiring to know that in this harsh, modern society where "seems like everybody's got a price," people like him, albeit rare, still exists.  It was truly an honor and privilege to meet Dr. Dohner.  I hope that one day Vince and I can serve our community the way Dr. Dohner does.

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  1. hmm..good you have the priveleged to pose with him;)

    visiting fro WW..see you!

  2. Hi KM! Thanks for sharing...sometimes it's good to hear stories of great and noble men as this makes us realize that "good people do exist". :)

    Nice post dear!

  3. thanks for the visit, tejan and krizza! i really think Dr. Dohner's story is worth sharing :)

  4. I find it very interesting that he prefers the unmodern way of keeping his office. $5 is very cheap I suppose for medical checks there. He's one noble man, no wonder he's loved by all. He's an inspiration. Thanks for the share, KM!


  5. Yay! :) That's very amazing Ate KM!

  6. Yay! :) That's very amazing Ate KM!

  7. wow thats a pretty cool story of Dr Dohner. I would love to meet somebody like that.

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  8. There are angels among us and I'm sure Dr. Dohner is one of them. Thanks for the visit,sis! Great post!

  9. Nice posts.. Hope there would a lot of doctors like Dr. Dohner. Tnx for sharing..

  10. it is such an awesome story... you are indeed very privileged to have met Dr. Dohner...

    Lapit na nga birthday ni Bella tita KM... she'll turn 1 this coming Nov. 19...

  11. I was glued on this story of yours. Such a blessing to have Dr. Dohner in your community.Not all doctors we meet in the hospitals have a passion and care without hurting patient's pocket.

  12. Thanks for sharing Dr. Russell Dohner's story! Nakaka inspire talaga! Ang mura nya sumingil ha. Sana may isang katulad nya dito para maraming matulungan na mahihirap.

  13. Very nice, post! Like you, sis, I am always in awe with people who are a rare gem in today's world. There are a few of them left, and this one that you featured is absolutely one of them! Thanks for sharing him to us! :)

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  14. That old man looks good in the photo, ate KM! He looks happy and care-free. Buti naman at may bonding time kayo ni Dr. Dohner! :)

    Ikaw pala first commenter sa latest post ko ate. Nakalink na page mo. ;)

  15. Thanks for your lovely comment on my wednesday whites sis! BTW, since it's friday blog hopping and fun follow friday, I hope you can visit me back and follow my 2 blogs sis; and, because I am your newest follower now. tnx!

  16. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story

  17. great blog and nice share post :)
    I am very pleased to be visiting here

  18. You are so lucky for having a great doctor in your place. Now i understand why he so loved by all.

    Thanks for the WW visit.

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  21. wow! i would be star-struck if I were you too! thanks for sharing. Hope to see you again at WW this week. Sorry for this late visit.

  22. Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate that :)


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