Monday, March 16, 2009


I was on my way to work this morning when I saw a truck making a turn towards Eglinton Avenue, where the TTC bus I was in was travelling. What really caught my attention was actually the huge sign printed on the truck's body. It said, "PENNSYLVANIA." The moment my eyes laid on it, I thought, "That's it. Got my answer there," and was reminded again of this famous line from the movie, Fools Rush In, "There are signs everywhere."

I shoved the thought away, but made a mental note to tell it to Vince, only after he gets the result of his match today. I got to my workplace and was overwhelmed right away by the tremendous job on my to-do list. I know it is not going to be a good day for me, just seeing the load i have on my plate. Busy as I was, time flew by, without me really noticing it.

Sometime during my toxic moments, Vince poked in to the trans room, and asked me to come over with him. I got up quickly and followed him. I was thinking, "Did I make a boo boo? Is he gonna show me something about Sheldon?" My mind was preoccupied with work stuff during the 15 to 20-step walk to Vince's room. When we got to his room, he asked me to look at one of his monitors. I bent down and checked on it. Yahoo Mail, and there goes the email that said he got matched. "Oh my God," that's all I was able to say, and he was like, "Isn't that nuts?" We then hugged each other but had to break away quickly enough just in time before Amanda, his roomie, entered the room. Thank God, he got matched. He hurriedly grabbed his phone and headed out to make phone calls to his family breaking the good news.

I went back to my desk and tried to face the dump of work I have, but I couldn't. I had to text my bestfriend and spill him the beans. I needed some comfort from someone who understands how I feel, because again for the nth time, I am emotionally unwell. Sigh.

Starry, starry night... Countdown begins... to Pennsylvania.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Her scent fills the cathedral air,
Her trailing dress sweeps the aisle,
Her lovely face beneath the veil,
Her groom awaits with a proud smile.


Winter wind blew cold
As our lips met
One sweet night
Beneath the lamp post.


You asked me what could be better:
Than kissing you,
Than holding you,
Than feeling you ?
It did not take me long to answer:


I plea to you, my faithful friend:
Come down now and be with me,
Play with my senses and wrap my body,
Filling my thoughts with such sweet trend.

Be not elusive, I beg of you
Not now, oh dear, share me your mercy
Tease me if you wish, just refresh me anew
For your absence makes my mind so weary.

And when you do, please go deep
With this great craving I have, I can only concede
My pillows, my sheets, a comfort zone is all I need
To welcome you, my comrade, good night sleep.


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