Sunday, August 8, 2010


Okay, the first thought that probably entered your mind upon seeing the title of this post is the infamous Japanese horror flick that was such a big hit, Americans made a version of it. Sorry to disappoint you, guys, but this is not about it.

Facebook has been very faithful in keeping me updated not only with what's going on my friends' lives but basically with anything under the sun. While browsing Facebook as I waited for my body clock to switch into sleep mode, I stumbled upon a YouTube clip posted on one of my online friends' wall. It was the Robin Padilla - Mariel Rodriguez video wherein they discussed the issue of a supposedly sensational PhP 1.2 million diamond ring.
She was hosting a Channel 2 entertainment show and doing an interview with Robin. I only saw the latter half of a two-part clip, and from what I could get, I take that was for Mariel's birthday.

So there was Mariel looking like a lovely canary in a yellow dress, all pretty and made up, and Robin living up to his bad boy image was wearing dark torn jeans and coat on top, sitting beside each other. Mariel pulled out a tiny red (not blue) box - the caption revealed that it was a diamond ring displaying the monetary worth - and asked Robin what made him give her the ring. Robin went on to state that diamonds are forever and compared their attributes to Mariel. Robin coaxed her to wear the ring all the time, "Sana suotin mo... may pagkakataong hindi mo yan sinusuot..." Mariel retorted back, "Eh kasi hindi pa ako handang pag-usapan... Ngayon napagusapan na natin ... Suotin natin..." (OH EM GEE. I shrieked in unison to the audience's shrill. My eyes were glued to the screen as Robin put the ring into Mariel's finger ... and wow ! It really looked precious on her slim finger). That was apparently the first time that Robin gave a ring to a girl, so Mariel asked him the reason for this. Robin replied (to which I shrieked again in thrill), "Parang diamond ka sa akin... dapat ka pangalagaan... at kailanman hindi kukupas ang iyong kinang." Mariel began to get teary eyed when Robin declared his plans of "gusto kong kunin ang mga kamay mo at magpapakalayo layo na lang... sana manatili kang diamond, lagi kang matibay... ako hindi ako nagsisinungaling... totoo, sagutin mo ako [o] hindi... itago mo yang singsing, anoman mangyari... sa'yo yan... di ako nagsinungaling sa'yo Mariel, mahal kita..." Mariel's eyes widened when Robin blurted the words, "Mahal kita." Robin's last words were then drowned by the audience's cheering. (And I was like, "awwwwwwwww"). I bet you if only they weren't in front of the camera, I swear, Mariel would have jumped onto Robin's arms and a very sweet kiss would have been shared at that moment. Or maybe, at least, if I was Mariel, I would have done that. Haha ! But then, another friend of mine commented that almost every girl who saw that "eh kinilig." In all fairness to Robin, he was sharp to it, and pretty much landed on the right spot, bullseye. It wouldn't be a surprise if Mariel said "Yes" to him. Sino nga naman ba ang hindi kikiligin sa ganun? Good job, Robin. Two thumbs up ;)

I thought of closing this entry with my own personal anecdote relating to the experience Mariel had, however, THE RING remains elusive to me. I was given once a ring by an ex-boyfriend but it was nothing similar to Mariel's ring, and I'm not talking about the monetary value - that's not even the point. I appreciated the thought of the gift but the "kilig" factor was not there. My heart didn't do cartwheels. It could be because the way it was given (unpersonal as it was handed by someone else) or simply because I had already grown apart to that person at the time it was given. Pagkatapos noon nagtampo ata ang THE RING sa akin because since then hindi na sya ulit nagpakita sa akin.
I dated another guy after my first boyfriend and although we went out for quite awhile, the relationship was so far from even being called a "relationship," hence, THE RING was never contemplated. Needless to say, it failed. Subsequently, I met Vince, my beloved - the man I hope and intend to spend the rest of my life with - only, he hasn't asked for my hand yet. Having said that, I guess I will continue to sing, ♪♫ "If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it," ♪♫ until such time that the lord of THE RING finally gives in and decides to slip THE RING to my tiny finger.

♪♫ Uh, oh, oh, Uh, oh, oh, Uh, oh, oh ♪♫


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