Sunday, October 25, 2015


My desire to update this blog and the free time I have in hand are inversely proportional to each other. On some occasions when I actually did have extra time to spare for blogging, I'd find myself ironically hexed with writer's block. Aaaarrggghhh!

Thank goodness for memes like this for they help dwindling blogs (and minds) like mine to stay afloat.

So here goes nothing:



Currently - like, as in at this very moment - I'm reading Maine Mendoza's blog, The Pessimistic Optimistic Bella. AlDub has taken over my Facebook news feed since day 1, and honestly, I find this tandem adorable. My sister is a big fan and she has been bugging me to watch all the episodes which I would love to do if only I had the time (yeah, please see introductory paragraph above). Curious as to what all this hype about, I brought my iPad with me at the gym one time and watched a few episodes while doing my run on the treadmill. I must say that it was pretty entertaining and I had a good laugh watching the kalyeserye. I love the randomness of their skits. So adlib! I saw a 15-minute clip from the most recent Tamang Panahon concert, and it gave me all kinds of good feels ;) I hope the best for these two young artists career and relationship wise. On a side note, reading Maine's blog is how I stumbled upon The Sunday Currently meme.

For my current reading list, I have started reading four different books:

1. The Maze Runner - read a few chapters and this is at the bottom of my list.
2. A Game of Thrones - read several chapters already and will definitely get back to this.
3. The Book Thief - just started but really easy read, so it looks like I'll finish this soon IF I find time.
4. Bible - I already finished reading Genesis, and currently about midway through the book of Job.

Let's see how I do with this list.


this blog entry.


to the dullness this late Sunday afternoon brings that is only minimally disturbed by the sound of my keyboard and mouse clicks... and by a napping toddler's sudden cry! Jeez, I gotta hurry and finish this now before my boss wakes up.


of exciting days ahead. My parents will finally be able to visit us here for the first time. Vacation plans have been made already for Thanksgiving - Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Vegas baby! - and I'm looking forward mostly to finally some date nights (and even third honeymoon maybe #Europe #Caribbean #cruise #wherever #webadlyneedagetaway) with my husband.


my hands. Bath and Body Works hand soaps (and scented candles) are my favorites. I should remember to buy some more next time we go outlet shopping.


my son would sleep better at night. My gosh! This has been a longstanding challenge for us already. He's nearly 3 years old now and yet we're as much sleep deprived as parents of a newborn. There are days when I still feel like a zombie, and I can imagine my husband probably feels worse than I do as he has to wake up sooooo early in the morning to go to work. Poor daddy!


for more blessed days ahead.


The "A Day for Divas" T-shirt and white shorts. In lieu of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the hospital where my husband works at sponsors annual "A Day for Divas" event. For the first time yesterday, my son and I were able to attend the said event.


the Georgia weather. We're still peaking in the 80's while our friends up north are bundling up in the low 40's or so.


a new laptop... wait, this isn't a want but rather a NEED. All our laptops at home keep on crashing and we mostly rely on our tablets and my husband's work laptop which I'm currently using now. I need a new laptop especially I work on excel stuff for our church.

a DSLR camera - now that's definitely a WANT. Something I can put on my Christmas wishlist BUT considering how much my loving husband spends on me and our family, I can hold off on this. For now, I'm going to have to suffice myself with our point-and-shoot camera, our waterproof one, and the high-zoom I've had for a while. #BeContent

a new designer purse - again, another WANT but I resolve not to put it on my Christmas wishlist or any wishlist for that matter. I don't need another purse. I don't need another purse. I don't need another purse. I don't need another purse. Sorry, I just have to say that a few times to remind myself that I.DON'T.NEED.ANOTHER.PURSE. #selfcontrol


a new laptop - see above.

to book my parents' flights plus the whole fambam's Thanksgiving trip to Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, but first, I need to book our getaway this weekend. It's my husband and mine's 5th wedding anniversary on the 30th and my son said yesterday, "We can go to the beach." There you go. #WeLoveToTravel


Happy for this new entry in my blog. Yay! Can't wait to finish this up and publish it ;) 


the publish button in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...!

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