Saturday, November 6, 2010


So this is my first entry as Mrs. Karen Mae Pagulong-Valencia. Yes, you heard me right :) I finally got the very much elusive ring. Shining, shimmering, splendid ring. Oh, wait, let me correct that. I should say RINGS instead. Hehe.

It went all soooo fast. First thing, Vince proposed and I was brandishing my diamond engagement ring for about a week or two, and next thing I know, I was running all over the place looking for suppliers for our wedding. Crazy beautiful. That was how it was.

The wedding was a bliss. There were dramas that surrounded it, mainly unrelated to the wedding, but thank God, the wedding day was truly lovely. I owe it all to God and of course to my very loving Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church - Toronto family who supported me all the way (despite all the dramas) and was there with me from the time the engagement was announced to the church until the memorable wedding day itself.

Every memory surrounding it is just so wonderful, I can't even begin how to put each in words to share them.


**Willowdale Presbyterian Church

If it weren't for Pastor Gamy's and Tita Sonia's ceaseless efforts, we wouldn't have found a venue for the wedding. Initially, we thought of Vaughan Baptist Church, but unfortunately, it was unavailable for our date. They checked out a couple other more Baptist churches within the area, but it was the Willowdale Presbyterian Church who accommodated us. Would you believe that it wasn't until the day before the wedding when we were finally able to secure the venue? How much more last minute can our wedding be?


**Shemela Decorators

A few days before the wedding, Vince and I drove to Ajax, Ontario to have a viewing of Serena's (Shemela Decorators) show room. We are so thankful to this very nice lady and so happy how she transformed the church and the auditorium. Every penny we paid was worth it. After the wedding, when she was packing up the stuff, she told Vince and me that for anything that was broken, we'd be responsible for it. At the time, she said that there were already two broken wine glasses, and that she would just get in touch with us after she had counted them all. To date, we haven't heard back from her. God bless her soul !


**Jennifer Newberry Photography

First time we met Jennifer Newberry was at Unionville when we had our engagement shoot. Her basic photography package costs $900 - four-hour coverage - plus a 30-minute bonus engagement shoot. I saw her ad through Facebook, and the moment she touched base with me through email, I knew I'd be comfortable with her. Vince and I looked into other photographers/videographers, and I am really glad that Vince agreed to go with Jennifer. She made the photo shoots so much fun. No awkward moment at all. We have only seen a few sample pics from the engagement shoot and the wedding day, but we can feel the positive vibe that our pics will all turn out as lovely as our wedding was.


**Brenda Cruz

I have known Bre through Xpressionlane for three or four years now, but we never actually personally met, not until a couple of weeks before the wedding for measurements. She is a very talented, beautiful, and nice lady who is as giggly as I am. Hehe ! The style of my gown was a little bit revealing - by that I mean, cleavage and everything - thanks to Bre and Neil's urging. But hey, I was able to pull it off ! I am really thankful to Bre for making me a wedding dress that is equally memorable as my short-preparation wedding.


*led by Pastor Gamy Romano

No words can express my gratitude to the love you have shown to me by being all-out supportive to my wedding. From the singers, pianist, violinist, program coordinator, emcees, cooks, servers, photographers, videographers and to every one who participated in the whole event, may God bless you more for being channels of blessing to Vince and me, and I pray that God bless us too, in that we may be able to reciprocate what you have done for us. Thank you for being my spiritual family. My wedding would not have happened without you.


**Dr. Vincent Glenn Valencia

Is there anything else can I say to the love of my life that would be of greater intensity than the vow I made in the presence of God and all those who came to witness the wedding? The actual scene of us exchanging vows will keep on playing in my mind. For a minute there you had me thinking that you wanted to run away - when you could not say your vows, and your voice cracking, but then when I realized that you were just overwhelmed with emotions, you made me feel the happiest bride on earth :) I love you very much, Vince. I would love to marry you over and over and over again.


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