Sunday, May 6, 2012


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I went to a barbecue yesterday, and the host's garden was the main attraction for the guests. It hasn't fully sprung yet but it has been prepped, set and all ready to bloom in right time. There were rows of strawberry, tea, corn, and a variety of flowers planted on healthy soil. Guests who were into gardening were all in awe as to how beautiful the lawn was in that there's not a single weed on it. That makes me wonder if it is organic soil and if the host uses organic plant food. Everyone was excited to come back and see the garden at a later time when it has fully bloomed. Advertisement

I haven't really tried gardening myself, but should I give it a shot, I'll probably shoot for something like this:

I think it would be nicer and better to have an organic garden especially that I'm thinking of planting not only lovely flowers but also some produce. I read that Whitney Farms® has a full line of 100% natural plant foods and soils with no additives - nothing artificial - but pure natural ingredients designed to give big, beautiful flowers and vegetables.

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Whitney Farms® has 25-plus years of leading gardening experience and has improved their products to have low to no dust, no manure odor, and easy to apply. Its products contain beneficial microbes and are specifically designed protein-based blends to provide plants both the macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Organic Plant Food

What about you? Have you tried Whitney Farms® yet? You can try it out using this $3 coupon. Click on the link to avail the coupon. Cheers to better gardening!

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