Sunday, March 6, 2016


Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa - February 2016
Lately my son has learned to apologize. AND by that I meant not just throwing the word "sorry" meaninglessly but saying it with remorse and guilt. You could tell it by the tone of his voice and the puppy look no mother could resist. He would even apologize repeatedly until he gets a positive reaction from the offended party. That could range anywhere from a smile, a light tap on his head to a hug-kiss-and-tickle make-up kind of thing. His grandparents (my side) were touched and tickled whenever they would hear him apologize to me, his dad or them.

So this morning, my 3-year-old boy was having a rough day. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed. With head full of cowlicks and a sippy cupful of milk on hand, he went to church, looking frumpy, grumpy, and not his usual cheeky self. Not even his favorite church moment, the congregational singing, changed his sour mood. By the time sermon started, he was ready to throw a fit. I took him from his dad as I want his dad to be able to concentrate on the preaching. He was trying to fight me and would not agree going to the nursery, so when I stood up and carried him to take him to the nursery, he burst into tears and started having a meltdown.

Inside the nursery, I tried to calm him. He was sobbing and crying and kept on telling me that he didn't like to stay in the nursery. My friend who was watching the nursery this morning told me that I could leave him and he usually quiets himself after a minute or so anyway once left there. However, when I told my son that I was going to go back in the sanctuary, he quickly told me in between pitiful sobs, "Sorry, Mommy." I knew he was having a really rough morning, so I said to him, "It's okay. There's no need to say 'sorry.' I'm not mad. I just need you to stop crying." I walked towards the door and he ran after me, and said, "I'm listening, Mommy." AND THOSE WORDS THAWED MY HEART.

You see, his dad and I, when we reprimand him, we always tell him that he should start listening more to us. This boy is only 3 years old yet he could be hardheaded and stubborn as a bull a lot of times, and so we always have to remind him that he should listen to us. So, when he told me this morning that he was "listening," it broke my heart in a good way. It is hard to put into words what I felt but I had all different sorts of heartwarming mommy feels. Let's just say I had a motherhood defining moment there. One of the many (and more to come) that I would never forget :)

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa - February 2016


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