Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Dearest my sweet valentine,

February 15, 2009 was when I first got a bunch of lovely flowers from you. If there is one thing I find so sweet in you, it is your wonderful character who loves throwing surprises any chance you get. The hot chocolate and muffin breakfasts you used to leave on my desk at work with morning greetings written on post-it notes; the birthday treat for me along with unexpected presents that really touched my heart, I actually bursted in tears; your first Friday in Pennsylvania, when I did not hear from you and made me wonder where you were then, only to find you knocking at my door later in the night... Those are just a few, I could go on and list a whole lot more.

I am really glad to have met you. We got along well in an instant and have become best friends in a snap. It was my plan to keep it that way, no more no less. You took me out to lunches and dinners. You waited for me at work. You dropped me off at my place. I never intended to fall in love with you. We went out for movies. We hung out at my place. We talked on the phone at nights. I tried so hard to resolve my feelings. You gave me flowers. You bought me presents. You made me feel special. Eventually, I had to give in and admit that I love you.

When I opened my mailbox today, a mail was sitting and waiting there for me. You should have seen the smile it brought to my face. I am certain that my heart did a sommersault the moment I saw your name on it. The card said, "My sweetheart, my sunshine, my valentine," and inside it said, "I'm so lucky you're my girl!" It is a singing card and My Girl by The Temptations was playing while I was reading your message:

"My dearest K,

I'm sorry I'm missing a Valentine's that we could be together. It will not be like this for us for long mahal... I'll see you next week mahal. I love you! Happy Valentine's Day!


Thank you for being that ONE big surprise in my life. I am truly happy that we took our friendship to the next level. I find it quite tough that we are far apart right now, and I appreciate all the things you do to make it work out for us. I am very much looking forward to that day when we can be together, figuratively and literally, and when that time comes, I know you will, but I will say it anyway, please SURPRISE me, my sweet one :)

I love you Vince,

your K


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