Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's Vince's birthday next month. I know it's still kinda far from now but I'm pretty much excited and looking forward to it. We had initially planned on going to Cuba for a getaway, but thanks to Canada for its very slow processing of Permanent Resident cards, my renewal wouldn't make it on time for next month. Ergo, I can't leave the country. No erase that. Actually, I can, however without a valid Permanent Resident card, I will be denied entry back to Canada. Good grief. That means, I can't even cross the border. Jeez. Having said that, Vince and I had searched high and low for good places to visit (that come with a good price) within Canada. Unfortunately, it seems like traveling locally is much way expensive than Cuba trips which usually cost around $500 (7-day all inclusive) - beat that! Plus, the season factor - with October being not so summery hot anymore and not so wintery cold yet, it's too late for camping and too early for skiing. I crossed my fingers last night and tried my luck again in hopes to find cheap vacation packages. Sad to say, I didn't find any that suit our taste (and pocket). This leaves us with our alternative plan: Toronto City Pass. For the price of about $60, we can visit Casa Loma, Ontario Science Centre, Royal Ontario Museum, CN Tower, and Toronto Zoo. Not bad, considering the fact that among those attractions, I've only been to CN Tower (courtesy of a visiting friend from the States).

But you know what I'm more excited about? *Giggles. I've planned on surprising Vince on his birthday with a romantic home made dinner ♥ I did some researching online on what's a good birthday present for a special someone, and most of the hits led me to that. I did a checklist on what a romantic home made dinner should comprise. I realized that I needed to buy "paraphernalias" for it. Okay, not that kind of paraphernalia, but I'm referring to stuff like table cloth, dishes, etc. Coincidentally, Kitchen Stuff Plus had a huge sale around the time I was conceiving this surprise on my mind, so I hurriedly dragged my BFF, Neil, to KSP, buy whatever items I need, help me carry the huge, heavy grocery bags after shopping, and walked all the way from Yonge and Eglinton to Neil's apartment, while it was raining so heavily that we got drenched so bad, all we wanted to do when we got to his place was jump straight to the pool. LOL. I was able to buy table cloth, table napkins, soup bowls, sangria pitcher and glasses, centrepiece (candle holder), scented candles, cake knife, and baking dish. I still have to buy fresh flowers (which obviously I have to get on the dinner day).

Now, comes the menu. I thought of serving a three-course meal. Vince, most of the time, would order soup whenever we dine out; so I decided that I'm going to serve mushroom soup for appetizer. For the main course, I'll serve grilled salmon dressed with sundried tomatoes and oregano (garnished with parsley) and chicken parmigiana. Drinks will be lemon iced tea (we're not fond of alcohol, but I may stock a couple of Smirnoffs in the fridge). Dessert will be cheese cake (which I will have to get at that time). Basically, I will be cooking the appetizer and main course, so help me God - whew !

Then, the birthday present. I asked Vince if he has a wishlist for his birthday and he told me he wanted a handy point and shoot camera (that will not exceed $200). We argued about the price as the camera I had my eyes on was worth more than $300. He didn't want anything fancy; just a point and shoot; I'll leave it up to you dear readers to figure out what camera I got him. Hehe! Anyway, I picked up the camera at Future Shop yesterday. I also managed to buy him a birthday card while I was out last week to get some of our pictures printed. Yes, our pictures which I will put in a puzzle-like frame. I had asked Neil to come over this weekend to help me hang these frames, which hopefully will add ambience to my plain Jane bachelor apartment.

After that, I intended to give Vince a bonus home made foot spa. Yeah, it has been one of my crazy routines recently due to the thick callouses on my feet that broke while I was with Vince in New Jersey two weeks ago. I found remedies online (where else?): Warm water soak with baking powder, feet scrub, and feet moisturizer. I have also purchased Dr. Scholl's foot products after I came back from New Jersey and I am determined to share to Vince the relaxed feeling that home made foot spa brought into my life (or at least my feet - should I say happy feet?).

There. I pretty much detailed my birthday surprise for Vince. Don't you go asking for afterparty. All I can say is that we'll have a good night rest afterwards and wake up fresh the following day, all set for the first day of our Toronto City Pass tour. *Wink

~ I love you Vince ~


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