Saturday, November 19, 2011


I had been away from my native land for more than six years and today is my 12th day of being back home.  Currently, I'm spending my Saturday alone for the most part (Vince already left today for the States) having a down time, and guess what, I'm blogging.   I haven't bloghopped much yet but I was able to read a handful of blogs and visited those blogs who left comments and messages in my shoutbox.   I'm taking it easy, so if I haven't visited you back yet, please understand that I'm still on vacation mode, but I promise to return full swing once my holiday is over.

Speaking of my vacation, needless to say, I'm having a blast.  It will take me I-don't-know-how-many-posts to fully share the details, and I'm afraid there will not be enough words to express the experience.  Despite that, I will try my best to retell the story the most accurate and vivid way I can for posterity's sake, although I really doubt my writing prowess (or the lack of it) is sufficient to capture my homecoming tales.  So, ready or not, here goes the beginning of a series of nothing.

Before I embark on the daunting task of blogging my ultimate balikbayan stories, I would like to dedicate this series to my precocious, 3-year-old nephew, Pakoy.  He's the first grandchild/nephew in our family, and so just imagine the attention he lavishingly has been getting from each member including her Tita Mae and Tito Vince.  His extraordinary gabbing skills and quips of wits have been the source of amusement (and at times, annoyance) of our family.  Previously, Vince and I would regularly Skype with him or talk to him on the phone long distance, and so when we finally saw our charming little nephew, Pakoy, in the flesh, we couldn't contain our gigil.

Tita Mae, Pakoy and Tito Vince

Pakoy and family

bonding time with Tito Vince

And so expect to see a lot of Pakoy's kulit faces and trademark poses beginning today.   I am so dearly fond of this exceptionally smart boy I may have to create another theme in my blog solely for Pakoy.  I am thinking of Friday Pakoy maybe ... but that will have to wait until I complete my task of retelling my homecoming tales in my un-numbered series (yet) entitled, "The Adventures of Pakoy-Koy."  I hope you follow me in this story telling :)  Ciao for now !  Until the next adventure ^^


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  1. Hi KM! So are you finally back? :)
    No, I'm just kidding...I know you're still much into your grand vacation. I could understand how you enjoy bonding with your nephew. After all, it's your first time to see him right? He must be a very smart young boy, otherwise you wouldn't think of putting up "Friday Pakoy" on your blog. :)

    Looking forward for more stories and adventures about him and of course you and Vince.

    Take Care! *hugs*

  2. Aww. Pakoy is so cute! :)
    Please do send my regards to him Ate KM! ) ♥

  3. Oh! La! La!

    I feel happy to have read the first installment of your vacay series, KM. Don't ever doubt your writing prowess because I know you can very well retell the story with style, the sexy KM way. Oh di ba? ;-)

    I am glad to have met Pakoy. Yhe first photo of him with Tita Mae and Tito Vince, sobrang sarap nyang kurotin, hahaha! Siguro ang saya-saya nyang kasama.

    I cant wait to see you blogging about him more often. I can so much relate being the doting Aunt as well of the very first nephew/ grandchild in my family, Xyle. Kaya nga may sarili din syang blog eh, hehe. So anntayin ko nalang na magkaron din ng sariling blog si Pakoy.

    Take care always and may you enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  4. I can so relate with that kind of feeling tita being a tita to the eldest and only nephew...

    I'm so happy to hear from you sis. Bella's birthday party has just concluded and masaya naman ang mga bisita nya kaya lang may sakit si Bella eh.

    Hindi sya masyado nag enjoy eh. We are planning to bring her to the hospital tomorrow for laboratory tests.

    Yan muna ang updates. Hope to hear more of Pakoy soon...

  5. Hi ate KM! You're making the best out of your vacation talaga oh! It took you six years pala before you went back to the country? Sulitin mo talaga ang vacation mo. Thanks for making some time to visit my blog and to leave a comment. Very much appreciated. Nasingit mo pa ako sa sched mo!

    I'm waiting for your pagbabalik. Anyway, bakit nauna na si kuya Vince? Work? Ikaw ate? Dito ka magpapasko? Looking forward to more vacation posts from you! :)

  6. enjoy ur vacay at the moment, ur great writing skill can wait, im sure ur avid readers will surely enjoy ur stories when u start writing all about ur journey back home:)

  7. awww Pakoy2x is a cutie Mommy :-) Love to swim in the pool too. The water is so clear :-) Dropping some love for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.

  8. Ate Km, here's your comment na nawal. Would you mind posting this again? Hehehe. Sorry talaga. Just deleted this comment after nalang. :*

    congrats sa domain mo :) and congrats din sa bagong iPad mo :) i'm still debating whether i should get one, and Vince was asking me if gusto ko daw ba na yun na lang ang Christmas gift ko, pero hindi pa din ako makapag decide. hehe!

    don't worry, ma-e-earn mo ulit ang Alexa at PR mo. mabilis na lang yan ;) i'll change your site address in my blog after i post this comment.

    wishing you more opps and cheers to more blogging years ! :)

  9. Who could forget Pakoy? I always see him getting lost somewhere in Triond world and FB as well :-)

    A very enjoyable trip :-)

  10. hahaha love his nickname Pakoy...he's really cute. visiting from BM

  11. Thanks for sharing these blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, KM!

  12. It sounds like a fun adventure - and what a cutie your nephew is!

    I've just started a new blog hop and would love for you to come by and join in the fun @ Tranquility & Turmoil

    - Eve


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