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Could you blame me if almost all I've been talking about in my blog for the past days was my Boracay trip?  :)  Just look at that azure sea, white sand and clear skies wrapped up in a total package of serene ambiance.  Oooohhhhhhh...  I think I need another vacation now.  LOL.

Anyway, the story behind the pictures in this post is as follows:

My family and I did an island hopping tour in Boracay, wherein we stopped for half-an-hour or so at this haven called Puka Beach, where rare puka shells are found.  The place was truly a sight to behold.  I initially thought I would only stay in the shore and dip in the water for about 10 minutes, but once I saw how clear the water was, I just had to put on my snorkeling gear so I could go into the deep.

Notice my brother who seemed oblivious to the world, intently looking at the
pretty shell he caught, and my mom (partly seen on the right) herself
was immersed in her own world hunting shells!  Beachcombers! :p

On the other hand, my brother and mother went ga-ga over the shells found in this beach and spent a heck of time by the shore collecting shells and haggling with locals who were selling puka shell accessories.  My father however complained that the sand was "rough" on the feet - oh well, obviously, because of the shells.   Hehe!   My sister, brother-in-law, and Pakoy had a great time themselves playing in the water.

What a wonderful world!

When we were about to leave, we had to practically drag my mother away from the beach, because:

1)  She would not stop haggling with the locals.  Honestly, we all pitied the locals because they were not overpricing or anything, but that is just how my mother has always been since time immemorial. *Me rolls eyes, shakes head, grins big*

2)  She wanted to take home mounds of "shells."  Apparently, according to the locals, shells are okay to be kept as souvenirs, but corals are not.   They told us that it is illegal to remove corals from the sea, and there is a fine should you get caught.  So, she and the locals spent a good deal of time (again) sorting out which ones are shells and which ones are corals.

Guess what?  At the end of our Boracay trip on our way back to Manila, after much urging from all of us, my mother brokenheartedly decided to part ways with her collected "shells" in fear that airport authorities might catch her with a "coral" mistaken to be a "shell" and be fined for it.  If it is any consolation at all, she went home with a bunch of locally handmade oh-so-pretty-oh-so-fine puka bracelets and anklets anyway ;)

How can you be afraid of the sea if the water is this clear?


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  1. Hi KM! You know what? I've never been to Boracay yet (lol)! Proud ba?
    Hehehe...maybe in one of my future vacations na lang or next summer perhaps. I also loved to see those white sands and clear waters. I am a nature lover by heart so I guess I would really appreciate the beauty of Boracay if I would have the chance to go there.

    Nice shots KM! Inggit ako...hehehe

  2. I agree boracay is really nice...Want to go back again when I have chance.

  3. boracay is the best spot for vacation.

    mag 2 years na ko di nakakapunta jan. West Cove at Bulabog ang tahimik jan sa Puka.hehe

  4. Same with ate Krizza, I haven't visited Bora yet. Sana this summer. :) Sobrang naenjoy mo talaga vacation mo. For sure, marami pang pictures to be uploaded and posted soon!

  5. Thanks for this Bora tour... same with the other blogpals never been to Bora...

    Ang ganda talaga ng place. Truly a one of a kind... Nature at its best...

  6. Aww! Wawa naman si Mama mo Ate KM.

    I'm drooling on that clear sea water. Its too good to be true, for me!

    At ang cute ni Papaleng. HEHEHE.

  7. @ Krizza, kelangan mapasyalan mo ang Boracay :) sa buhangin pa lang, sulit na ^^

    @ Travelentz, same here, I wish I can go back like now. Hehe!

    @ Vintot, tahimik nga sa Puka. Sarap mag swimming kasi wala ka ka-agaw sa dagat ;)

    @ Algene, mag family outing kayo sa Boracay :) if you think about it, hindi expensive, and super sulit. Ayan, para na akong nag-p-promote ng Pinoy turismo dito. Hehe!

    @ Rovie, totoo yan, ang ganda talaga ng Boracay. Hindi nga ako makapaniwalang biniyayaan ang Pilipinas ng ganyan kagandang buhangin at dagat. Kelangan lang talaga ingatan at alagaan para ma-preserve at ma maintain ang ganda.

    @ MC, oo nga, medyo naawa din ako kay Mama kasi gustong gusto nya talaga iuwi yung mga shells nya. Naawa din ako dun sa mga shells, kasi tinapon lang sa basurahan sa airport :( Sana hindi na lang talaga inalis sa dagat. Si Papaleng cute? Syempre nagmana sa'kin. Hehe!

  8. Beautiful blue trip!

    Happy Blue Monday, KM.

  9. Kakatuwa naman si mader dear mo! hehehe! Di kami nakapag island hopping nung nag boracay kami. Sana makapunta din jan sa Puka beach!

  10. Gorgeous! Di pa ako nakaexperience magBOra.

    Late visiting from Blue Monday, come see my Blue when you get a chance. Thank you!

  11. For whatever reason, I haven't been to Bora and I have the inclination of going there as well. Weird me huh.. LOL

    But you got great captures of your stay.

  12. Looks like you had a cool time in Bora :) It would be nice to go back there again someday.

    Dropping by for TT

  13. but you have a life vest on! LOL
    convince your mom to go snorkeling next time and she would see live corals are prettier than dead ones.:p
    my usual trip to Boracay is in December (after Xmas), summer is too crowded. delightful photos.

  14. Hahaha! Nakakatuwa naman si Mama Rose mo, KM. Haggling expert for sure, LOL!

    Ang ganda ganda naman dyan, walang panama ang Dakak, LOL! Yon nga lang maraming turista. Marami ba ang tao nong time na andyan kayo?

  15. thanks for the meme visits :)

    @ Lainy, laking Baclaran ang nanay ko eh. Hehe! Ang ganda ng Boracay. Super na-impressed ako, wala ding panama ang Jamaica. LOL. Medyo madaming tao, pero manageable naman. I'm sure sa summer, mas jampacked doon.

  16. The water looks great! I can see why you'd have a lot of photos to share. I don't mind a bit. :-)

  17. what a paradise indeed! Sis Km, I am dying to jump in that crystal clear blue water :-) Thank you for sharing Boracay with us :-) Dropping some love for TT, hope that you can return the favor too.

  18. Looks like heaven on earth to me!! Gorgeous captures! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty!


  19. It looks like you have sailed right into paradise! What a wonderful place to swim and snorkel and beachcomb.

  20. Wow - looks like paradise!

  21. am jealous of your Boracay trip Sis KM. Oh I wish I could visit that beautiful island maybe in my dreams. You look cute in the orange life vest. Do you know how to swim? Visiting from Orange Tuesday, hope that you can return the visit too.

  22. sarap tlaga sa Boracay nuh, sana makapunta din hehehe!

  23. Hahay, Boracay is truly a paradise. Mahal lng talaga:(

    Visiting for OT! Hope you can stop by:)

  24. Never been there yet. Visiting from OT!

  25. Thanks for joining 32nd edition of Orange Tuesdays..
    33rd edition is still open you might want to play with us open till 2moro..


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